Ghost Division - PvE Crystal Isles-H/XPx2 Tx5 Bx10 - (v318.1


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Server ID 177971310
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map CrystalIsles
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Oct 23, 2020
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
Mods Dino Storage v2
Super Structures
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered
Awesome SpyGlass!
Platforms Plus (Open Source)
TCs Auto Rewards v1.12.14
Resource Stacks 2.0
Auction House v3.2.1b
Remove Cryopods
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Posted by UndeadKitten

I totally recommend this server. Playing here since 2017, it has really nice community full of friendly and helpful players, with great admin team and good server performance. If you're looking for a stable server with people you can trade with, make alliances, run bosses together and make true friends, we have this here! Also many quality of life features. - Kat

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Server Description

Ark Server Network

Our PvE Cluster is perfect for players who want to enjoy ARK in a friendly community! We provide an active community, discord, teamspeak, forum and, most important, a highly active and friendly admin team. On top of that our cluster is hosted on a high performance multi root server cluster. Come and enjoy one of the best ARK experiences you can dream of!

This server is part of a PvE cluster that includes all official maps:
►PvE Crystal Isles ►PvE Genesis 1 ►PvE Genesis 2 ►PvE The Island ►PvE The Center ►PvE Ragnarok ►PvE Valguero ►PvE Scorched Earth ►PvE Aberration ►PvE Extinction
You can travel between the servers and take all your items or dinos to our other PvE servers.
All tribute downloads for items and creatures on freshly added maps will be blocked for the first 4 weeks to make sure everyone is equal!

The server is the perfect place for all players that are interested to play on a balanced PvE server with the ability to change the map at any time.

Important Links:
Discord: Discord
Support: Ticketsystem
PvE Rules: PvE Rules

Connect Links:
The Island: Connect
The Center: Connect
Ragnarok: Connect
Valguero: Connect
Scorched Earth: Connect
Aberration: Connect
Extinction: Connect
Genesis 1: Connect
Genesis 2: Connect
Crystal Isles: Connect

Server Settings:
► Breeding x10
► Taming x10
► Harvesting x3
► XP x3
► 5.000 Structure Limit
► 205 Player Levels + 45 Ascension Levels + 1 Extinction Level
► 150 Wild Dino Level
► +100 Dino Levels with XP
► All engrams learnable
► Cluster wide Auction House
► Voting Rewards

It's very important to us to provide the best possible game experience to all our players. Because of this we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers. We are running a maximum of 3 gameservers per machine and using a multi root cluster to make sure each gameserver is running as smooth as possible. We are currently using a main root server hosting three maps (i9-9900K, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 1TB NVMe SSDs with Raid 1) and two sattelites (i7-7700, 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 512GB NVMe SSDs with Raid 1) hosting two maps each.
Our DDoS protection is optimized for ARK: Survival Evolved gameservers so that our player won't notice any latency changes while our infrastructure is being attacked. This is important for us too and we continue to improve it.

► Auction House
► Resource Stacks 2.0
► Structures Plus
► Awesome Spyglass!
► Platforms Plus
► Dino Storage v2
► TCs Auto Rewards
► The Ghost Division - Rewards
► Remove Cryopods

Steam mod collection:

Our servers are hosted in central Europe, but all players from the world are welcome. We have no region restrictions. We believe in a multinational and multicultural community with respect for other nationalities and religions. This is what we demand from our players too. We want to have fun with you and the game and this is what we will always work for!

You are welcome to use our own Teamspeak server for communication and you can also request an own channel for your tribe. The Teamspeak IP is:

For support you can also use our forums at:!

Check our rules at:

Server Owner: GhostDivision
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