Chaos PVP Extinction [Tx10][Hx10][Bx20] - (v330.8)


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Server ID 184212080
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Map Extinction
Country Germany
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Apr 13, 2021
Last Seen 22 minutes ago
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!! START 16.04.2021 !!



- XP   x3

- Harvest   x10
- Taiming   x10

- Breeding   x20

- Mating Interval   x0.5 (half of the normal Time)

- Mating Speed   x5

- Egg Hatch Speed   x10
- Dino Spawn   x1.5

- Turret Limit in Range   130

Changed Stats Per-Level (Player)
- Weight   x2

- Resistanz   x2

Changed Stats Per-Level (Dino)

- Stamina   x1.2

- Weight   x1.5

- Awesome SpyGlass!
- Auto Engramms!
- Dino Storage v2
- Solo Farm Mod
- Super Structures
- HG Stacking Mod 2500
- Dino Tracker
- TCs Auto Rewards

- ItemsPlus
- PvPPlus
- LethalORP
- TribeEnforcer
- Suicide
- SpawnLevelDistribution


- There is no substitute for Ark Bugs or anything like that
- Any use of cheats, linking, bug / glitch using, meshing / meshbiting and hard inis (leaves invisible) are expressly forbidden
- no insults, discrimination, racism, sexism or bullying
- Teaming outside of ones own tribe is prohibited
- Insiding other tribes is forbidden
- Trading is only allowed via the trade channel or in-game chat (i.e. not privately!)

Open PVP
- Open World Turrets are only allowed for a short time as a backup and must be removed immediately after the end of the action (e.g. charging battery, taming ...)
- Streamsniping is forbidden (have a Tribe channel created to protect yourself)
- Players may be held captive for a maximum of 30 minutes
- Structures for taming or the like must be removed again immediately afterwards (also gates!) 

Tribe rules
- Tribe hopping is forbidden
- Insiding is forbidden
- The name of the tribe must be the same on all maps
- Every player has to be in the same tribe on all maps
- There can be a maximum of 6 players in a tribe
- Think about whether it is fair to attack the tribe and whether it will bring you something (look for opponents in your strength)
- Each tribe can have a private area created in the Discord on request

Building rules 
- It is not allowed to build on / in mesh or nockout spots
- It is not allowed to build on obelisks
- Building on Valguero in the entrance to the Aberration area is not allowed
- Building on city terminals is not allowed
- It is not allowed to build on player spawn points
- It is not allowed to spam / build in the mesh
- Platform saddles, rafts and skiffs may not be completely installed

Offline Raid Protection (ORP)
- Each tribe may place a maximum of one ORP per map
- The ORP is activated 5 minutes after the last tribe member has logged out
- If the Tribe Raid is flagged, the time increases to 120 minutes
- The ORP gives higher turret/ dino damage and lower structure damage
- The ORP has 50000 HP
- The ORP must be placed at least 80 blocks away from enemy structures
- There must be at least 20 structures in the vicinity to set the ORP 

- It is not allowed to raid with magmasurus, titan or cannon
- The construction of dinosaurs so that they can no longer be caught by turrets or dickrafts / tunnelrafts are prohibited
- The FOB must not be protected with an ORP
- The FOB may only remain set up during the active raid, unless the raid is paused / postponed with the consent of both parties
- The intervention of third parties in an ongoing raid is forbidden
- Active raids can be entered in the active raids channel. Then no other base of one of the parties involved may be raided. The message must be deleted immediately when the raid is terminated or inactive
Server Owner: Hilbert
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