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IP Address:
Claim Port: 27056
Rank: 146
Country: DE
Status: Online
Map: Ragnarok
Server Owner: Whatdoyousay
Avg. Players(24hrs): 6
First Seen: December 9, 2017
Last Tracked: 2 minutes ago
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Current Players: 2/75 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Description

Hello Ark Players, and welcome to Ark Trinity
We are hosting a server cluster with:

- Offline raid protection(ORP2)
- S+
- Superspyglass
- Ark Automated
- Classic Flyers
- HG Stack 2500
- Ammo Pool
- Reusable Plus

- Taming 10
- Harvest 5
- Egg Hatch Speed 20
- Baby Mature speed 10

Server Rules
1. English only in Global chat NO SPAMMING !
2. NO Racism/homophobia/nationalism, etc !
3. Toxic players will be banned !
4. NO exploiting or glitching this will equal base/dino removal and ban !
5. NO SPAMMING Any structure around your base / nor anywhere else on the map !
6. NO building around the pilot of the quetz. The pilot can not be hidden under ANY structure (Sides, Top) Build one step behind driver !
7. NO jailing or tranquing players for longer then 30 minutes normal, and 1h while raid or being raided !
8. No passive farming dino killing (like Ankylosaurus, Beelzebufo, Etc) unless they are in agressive. You can kill their raid dino's (Rex, Giga, Quetzal, etc)
9. You are not allowed to store items in a passive dino so that its safe from raiding, ofcourse having items you just farmed with the dino in it is fine (Instant ban)
10. Wiping is not allowed. (wiping is only allowed with a official war declaration of our admins on our discord)
11. Don't put taming pens everywhere, clean them up when you are done with them. the admins will remove them.
12. New players have a 72 hour protection when they join, if you raid them your base will be removed. If you have a metal base + turrets the protection gets removed.

Extra info:
- Wyverns are disabled
- Alliance is disabled
- At the start of the server the first day will be PVP, then it will be 5 days PVE, then its normal PVP again forever. 


We hope you have a good time here and in our servers!