[6-3] Infiniti Squadron PVE [10x,Mods,Shop] - (v342.13)


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Server ID 179768664
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Dec 7, 2020
Last Seen 1 minute ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Reviews
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Posted by jkm4201

This is a great cluster with a very generous and respectful group of people. As for progression, many of us have already ascended from the Tek Cave and have down the Crystal Wyvern Queen on Alpha, so yes Tek Transmitters, Tek in general, all that most people have. Currently several players are breeding and working on a good set of boss dinos and daily drivers. Mods are a good fit and work well, and the staff is keen on listening to the community.

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Posted by ImmortalStature

Is there someone of this server that’s advanced enough that had a tek transmitter? There was transmitter on the map in a random area from tribe Kyle but it was pin coded my tribe is called fruit leather!

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Posted by ggh0st

Great server for solo players and explorers

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Posted by ukkosark

enjoying the server quite a bit. dom rex mod is awesome

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Posted by sgthegor

Best Damn servers I have ever played on, ARK or Atlas Infiniti is the best server owner and Administrator that I have ever had the privilege to have known ever playing in the private server community!

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Posted by DanielWildChild

Really good and stable server, friendly community and really good support from admins. Everyone's suggestions and concerns are addressed and everyone is treated fair and equally. 10/10 if you have a work / play lifestyle

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Server Owner: InfinitiSquadron
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