TAW #1 Rag PVE-500x (Primal Fear,Gaia,Castles) - (v338.35)


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Server ID 171987080
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen May 27, 2020
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
Mods Primal Fear
Primal Fear Boss Expansion
Primal Fear Scorched Earth Expansion
Primal Fear Aberration Expansion
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Server Reviews
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Posted by soulsipper22

can i get a mod list plz

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Posted by Katieshelton

I dont know if its me or the website but i can't get into ANY of Taw servers its like my pc freezes on ark the moment i try. So what am i doing wrong n steam is up and running too

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Posted by tybomber11

Are you tired of PVP, but hesitant of joining a PVE server because you'll be bored too quick? Well have no fear, come check out the TAW(The Art Of War) severs (Rag and Crystal isles). This is a great server that offers the Primal fear mod as well as the primal fear boss mods. There is a great and helpful community of players that welcome new players or players in need of help. Everyone is very friendly and have like minds of enjoyment of ARK. This server is great because it has high rates, but due to the great list mod quality of life mods it doesnt get boring. There is always something to do, weather it be fighting bosses, breeding dinos, collecting the different dinos. There are frequent server events and the communication from the server is great about updates and events. There is also an extensive decay timer(2 weeks) that allows you to take that extended ARK break without having to worry about your dinos and base to decay. TWO THUMBS UP!

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Server Description
Enjoy rag inhabited by Primal Fear and GAIA mod Dino tiers, in addition to Castle's remastered structures.
800 max player level
600 dino level
Server Owner: isthattay
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