Server Information Cluster The Island 2.5G-5XP/T - (v278.75)

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27016
Rank: 3519
Country: US
Status: Online
Map: TheIsland
Server Owner: KawaiiKitten
Avg. Players(24hrs): 0
First Seen: October 5, 2017
Last Tracked: 2 minutes ago
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Current Players: 0/70 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Description

Greetings to everyone from ValorPvP!

We here at ValorPvP are looking to grow our current community of Ark players and welcome new players to it. We have a cluster of all 5 official maps that are hosted on our own dedicated physical servers located at our datacenter in Manhattan. All ValorPvP servers are monitored by compassionate, knowledgeable admins who have years of experience behind them. Our admin team accommodates to the needs of the community and aims to provide a refined Ark experience for all of our members.

Wipes on our servers are only considered when absolutely necessary and will not be considered lightly.

» Max Player Level - 100 (plus ascension)
» Tribe Limit – 7
» Dino Limit – 1000
» Max Dino Level – 150
» Mods S+ and HG Stacks 2500-50
» Admin Logging Enabled
» Titanosaurs spawn but cannot be tamed.

» Gather - 2.5x
» Exp/Taming/Hatch - 5x
» Maturation - 10x
» Corpse Bag Timer - 4x
» Mating Interval - 0.75 (about once every 24 hours)
» Cuddle Timer – 1 Hour