(NEW)PvP-VelocityGaming.Org/10T/10Xp/5xG/Clasfly - (v272.0)
Query Port: 27036
Country: US United States
Owner: dzeaz
Players: 80
Website: Add a website
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 46
Map: Ragnarok

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Posted by Profile Picture brettakiss 5 days ago
Great server to play on has your typical pansy players who hop on and grief then get whooped on by veterans then scream admin abuse but take it from the 30-40 people on that that isnt the case. Admin is fair promotes healthy competition and doesnt tolerate douchebags! Try it out!
Posted by Profile Picture Intermidon 5 days ago
Bully little tribes and when youre getting a taste of your own medicine you despawn everything and tuck your tail like little bitches and quit. Dont cry about admin abuse because you fully know that there was none of it. The raid wouldnt have taken 3 hours if there was. Youre just salty your dumbass got your shit pushed in. Why dont you mention the raid? Exactly. Good riddance.
Posted by Profile Picture adrianchase 5 days ago
So then i tried joining and it worked just for 5 sec before i spawned in and crashed 3 sec later im killed by same guy coincidence?
Posted by Profile Picture adrianchase 5 days ago
So i was farming polymer was heading to my base i crashed mid air my buddy took our dino to safety but didnt find my body this was in the middle of nowhere after aprox 5 minutes i was killed by someone called BlackRanger which u can see on the photo is admin.
Posted by Profile Picture adrianchase 5 days ago
Dont play: admin abusing i caught him he tried to hide it. PROOF https://imgur.com/a/4CsFn
Posted by Profile Picture Haliron 1 week ago
Few servers can withstand the ups and downs of the adjustment period of a new server but this one has a loyal base of people who look forward to playing and having good conversation. Now that things are steady the community can really shine and grow. Come join us and actually enjoy playing ARK again.

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