[ARK LIFE] Season 2 - Shop/Orp/Quests/15x - Rag - (v314.13)


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Server ID 174010694
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Jul 16, 2020
Last Seen 1 minute ago
Mods HG Stacking Mod 2500-90 V312
Super Structures
Dino Storage v2
Solo Farm Mod
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Server Reviews
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Posted by uncledew

Been playing quite in a few clusters, and came across this. Noticed significantly lower ping, decent management and the rates, that has been designed so people could relax but not too much. Absolutely love it

Profile Picture
Posted by Huntahh

Wonderful server never played ark on pc before and this is the server to learn. i joined with basically no clue about mods, and the community helped a lot. The admin is great and the fact that you get pve for a time period to help build up is very nice for smaller tribes. this is the server to play. prefect stats

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Posted by Stockin

Having played many many servers i must admit one of the best Server Admins around, always listens to peoples feedback and is very fair when making a judgement. Recommend for all Player Types

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Posted by chook92

great server and great admin highly recommended

Profile Picture
Posted by KillerHirsch

Ich muss sagen ich Spiele schon seit vielen Jahren Ark habe auf verdammt viele Server gespielt Modet oder Offi und muss wirklich sagen Mike [Admin] macht seine Arbeit super. Für jedes Problem was es bis jetzt gab hat er immer eine Lösung gefunden. Leute die selbst nicht richtig English können hat er sogar einen übersetzter aufen discord eingebaut. Mike [Admin] ist der letzte der nicht hilft. Selbst für Leute die nicht viel zeit haben ist der Server super da du 5 Tage auf Bau Schutz bekommst gerade für Leute die Arbeiten oder die Familie haben ist der Server einfach super eingestellt. Selbst Solo Spieler oder Schüler bekommen ihre Changs sich aufen Server nieder lassen zu können =) Bevor er große Entscheidungen trifft kann man aufen discord abstimmen und dann handelt er auch danach. Jede Woche gibt es ein neues Event, die kleine Abwechslung jede Woche tut einfach gut. Ich kann nur sagen Jeder der den Server noch nicht kennt sollte den Server wirklich eine Changs geben ich denke nicht das Sie die Entscheidung bereuen würden. Liebe grüße und viel spaß aufen Server wir sehen uns dort =)

Profile Picture
Posted by BillytheKid

Fantastic server with great addons i really enjoy playing here, give it a try you won't regret it!

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Server Description
4 Man Tribe Limit

Here at Ark life, what gives us the edge is that no owner or Admin ever has or ever will play on the server, I pride myself in making this community to promote fair gameplay, nobody gets extra benefits.

This is a PVP server, with 5 days beginner protection and Offline raid protection.
(Beginner protection can be extended on a case to case basis, PM myself with reasons why this is needed)

Ark Life is seasonal, with every season running 2-3 months. We start the season with 3 maps, adding one per week as the season progresses.

At the end of the season, in the final weeks, 2 things will happen:
-firstly, I will add a PVE map into the cluster to allow people to transfer any belongings too and save their progress from the season, this map will never wipe, ever
-secondly, all protection/orp etc will be removed for an end of season Purge!

[Server Links]
Ragnarok PvP Wiped 4th September-
Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7647510

The Island PvP Wiped 4th September-
Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7637849

The Center PvP Wiped 4th September-
Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7637847

Extinction PvP Wiped 6th September-
Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/7678386

Aberation PvP Wiped 11th September-
Connect: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/8364655

More coming very soon!

Join our discord community for more info or to ask any questions.
Server Owner: MadMike
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