Isla Nycta - PvE - Crystal Isles - [T/Br x5][H/XP x3] - (v32


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Server ID 177131188
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map CrystalIsles
Country Canada
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Oct 2, 2020
Last Seen 1 minute ago
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Posted by tjarrett24

Great server with a great community. Come one come all and help make the server an even better place!!

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Server Description

Welcome to Isla Nycta, a gaming community franchise focused on survival, challenges, and fun. Isla Nycta's owners have been hosting ARK servers since 2016, and we officially started our branding in 2018. Since then, the franchise of Isla Nycta's gaming community has grown to a Discord of over 45,000+ members, and numerous servers across different games.

Our ARK servers have likewise expanded immensely since that very first Ragnarok server. We now support two clusters and the majority of the most favorited of ARK maps, with the gameplay carefully configured for balance and fairness, without completely stripping away the challenge. Our Ark PvE servers promise a relaxing yet challenging environment between players, their beasts, and the wilds of Ark.

XP: 3 ● Harvest: 3
Taming: 5 ● Egg Hatch: 5 ● Maturation: 5

Max Player Level: 250 (+50 Asc.)
Max Wild Level: 150 ● Max Tamed Levels: 250

To learn more about Isla Nycta and our Ark Servers, join our website to get involved!

◆ PvE - Aberration - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Crystal Isles - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Extinction - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Genesis - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Island - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Ragnarok - steam://connect/
◆ PvE - Valguero - steam://connect/



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Server Owner: Decollates
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