Ark Asylum - Aberration - Tx10 - XPx3 - Hx3 - (v314.3)


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Server ID 172249922
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Aberration
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Jun 2, 2020
Last Seen 48 seconds ago
Mods Platforms Plus (Open Source)
Upgrade Station v1.8i
HG Stacking Mod 2500-50 V312
Awesome SpyGlass!
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Server Description
We are a friendly community that enjoys playing ark, our servers are all clustered allowing you to travel to different maps using the same Survivor and bring items and dino's back and forth. Our admins are active and are constantly finding new ways to improve the gaming experience for all of out community.

Server Settings:
■ Taming x10
■ Harvesting x3
■ XP x3
■ No Structure Limit (subject to change if abused)
■ Voting Rewards
■ Crosshairs Enabled
■ Third Person Enabled
■ Show Player Location Enabled

We want to create the best gaming experience for all our players. With this in mind, we are using the best available hardware to host our ARK game server, See below for info on what hardware we use:

CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K 4.7/5.0Ghz
Disk: 2x 1 TB NVMe SSD (Raid 1)
Ram: 64 GB
Network: 1Gb/s
OS: Ubuntu Minimal

Stacking Mod
Platforms Plus
Upgrade Station
Awesome SpyGlass
Swim Clear Scuba Mask
Death Recovery Mod
Super Structures
Editable Server UI
Builder's Improvements
Meat Spoiler

General Rules:
■ Names of tribes, players, Steam profiles and dinos must not be political, racist or any form of discrimination.
■ Cheating, bug abusing and glitching is forbidden!
■ If you’ll be inactive for more than 7 days, then please inform us by a ticket or we will delete all tribe structures and dinos without warning.
■ Use English in Global-Chat (Voice-, Ally-, Tribe- and Local chat are free for all languages).
■ Using multiple accounts is allowed as long as no other rules are bypassed/ exploited.

Behaviour Rules:
■ Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes political, racist or any form of discrimination as well as verbal abuse.
■ PvP behavior is forbidden (e.g. thievery and homicide).
■ Any loot beacon is claimed by the first player arriving at the exact drop location.
■ Luring dinos to bases is forbidden unless it is your own base.
■ Parking dinos inside or on other player/tribe compounds/bases without their permition is forbidden and may end up in you losing your offending dino.
■ Behaviour that harms the atmosphere on the server is forbidden. In case of a dispute we will decide what's bad behaviour and what's not.
■ No hackusations in public, For example, instead of saying player XY is cheating just collect as much evidence as you can DM an admin and we'll take care of everything else.

Behaviour Rules:
■ Building in front of or inside of caves is not allowed if it spawns artifacts.
■ Old structures must be demolished, This includes abandoned and unneeded structures.
■ The obelisks must not be build on and have to be accessible by foot.
■ Keep distance to other bases, there is enough space for everyone, In case of dispute the server team will take decisions.
■ Extremely long waterpipes [longer than render distance medium] are not allowed! Use Super Structure intakes that deliver water anywhere or water tanks.
■ It's forbidden to build in or around the dragon gorge / dragon cave. In case of violation, we will remove any structures immediately!
Server Owner: ArkAsylum
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