(3/29) Syndicate 15x all No Flyers Orp/S+/AmmoPool/and more
IP Address:
Query Port: 27016
Owner: midnightxrush
Players: 125
Average: 21 players
Website: Add a website
Status: Offline
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 9264
Map: thecenter
Current Players: 0/125 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture NiceguyJoe 1 day ago
Oh may I also add that they lie about the wipe date in order to bring more people to the server. AVOID THIS SERVER.
Posted by Profile Picture NiceguyJoe 1 day ago
This server is a steaming pile of shit. They elected children as admin who proceeded to spawn in materials and then shut down the server when they got caught. Its been 3 days now and the server is still down. Great job!

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