9/7 AGB Island 10x ALL (S+/Kibble/ORP/Events) - (v284.104)

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 29520
Rank: 746   
Status: Online
Map: TheIsland
Server Owner: TyrelSackett
Player AVG(24hrs): 2
First Seen: December 12, 2017
Last Tracked: 1 minute ago
Server Mods: Structures Plus (S+)
Offline Guard System
Balanced Kibble



Current Players: 2/100 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Description

Wiped 9/7.

This is medium rate server with a rule set that encourages PvP, but still allows people with jobs and families to have a fun experience.

Website http://www.agbgaming.com/ark

Discord: https://discord.gg/ssTn4dV