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Ragnarok - PVP [8H/5M/5T/2XP] [NEW] [4 MAPS] by P.I.G. - (v2

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27025
Rank: 4835   
Status: Online
Map: Ragnarok
Server Owner: primalinstinctgaming
Player AVG(24hrs): 0
First Seen: October 7, 2018
Last Tracked: 4 minutes ago
Server Mods: Auto Run - Func+
Structures Plus (S+)
S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks
Editable Server UI (WBUI)



Current Players: 0/120 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Description

**[PC][PvP] [8H5M5T2XP] [FRESHLY WIPED Oct 09][S+ORP][4x ARK Map Cluster][Extinction, Ragnarok, Island, Aberration]**    


* 8x Gather
* 2x Experience
* 5x Taming
* 5x Maturation
* Max Wild Level 150
* Max Player Level 104 (Pre-Ascension)    

Server Settings:

* 8x Taming
* 5x Maturation
* 3x Weight Per Level Stat Multiplier
* Blueprints & High Quality Items are Extremely Rare
* Wild dinos deal 20% more damage
* Boosted dino population AND additional spawns added for higher chance of max level dinos
* OP S+ items have been removed or made more expensive to craft.
* Unlimited character respecs: However, mind wipes are more expensive to craft
* Offline Raid Protection using the Offline Guard System mod. Each tribe is allowed two OGS devices per map. Each OGS device will cover a 45 foundation range     Maps: The Island, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction(On Nov 06) and Carno World(Custom Ragnarok Map) *If player population outgrows these 4x maps we will likely add a duplicate of the most popular maps above and scale as needed.    

New Player Friendly:

* New players will receive 10-days of protection to get established
* Receive 1x Offline Guard System
* New Tribes will receive discord channel / role with access to tribe logs in discord **(Make sure to join discord channel and request a tribe role for you and your tribemates)**
* New players will receive 1x free admin paint job for dino of their choosing    

**November Drawing: We will draw a random steam ID for all active players in the community on November 05, 2018 and give the winner a $50 Steam Gift Card**    


* [Discord]
* Started: Server Started Oct 09 2018
* [Mod List]
* [Other Servers List]
* [Website]

**If you have any questions about the server, please don't hesitate to contact me or join the discord.**