Odin's (7/5 Wipe) x50/SS/TP/SF/VaultKits/ORP/NPP - (v312.72)


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Server ID 170114016
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Apr 9, 2020
Last Seen 9 minutes ago
Mods Super Structures
Stacks for Humans
Dino Storage v2
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Server Reviews
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Posted by Hempz420

Another god complex admin. If you're not paying a lot of money do NOT I repeat do NOT play this server. NukeDragon (admin) Spawns himself things in and offline raids his new player base. Me and my tribe were kicked from his server for being "too good" so he made up some false accusations about "aimbot" and "cheating" after no evidence still to prove his point we recieved a ban because in his own terms "You all are costing me money and so this ban should come as no surprise." Had over 150hrs played on this server and bans us for no reason other than his own satisfaction and greed.

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Posted by NaturalAce

Unless you plan to pay to win stay away... admin will cater to donators.. was banned for raiding a tribe that has offlined countless bases and run off many tribes. oh but the were subscribers... we were banned because we killed the population and his income... his words in chat when he banned us..... we have only raided 2 tribes in 2 weeks.... oh dont forget the admin plays on the server and goes around offline raiding basses all day... so good luck on keeping that population...... Stear clear of NukeDragon and his server because if u are better than the subcribers u will get labled a cheat/hacker/aimboter and then get banned....

Profile Picture
Posted by CyanideBunny

WELL HELLO AGAIN! CyanideBunny here! ;D Remember the people who you banned because we raided someone fair and square and it just so happened to be someone who donated to your server? Then they cry to you and say they are leaving your server, so you ban us saying we are costing you money? Even though they go around off-lining new players almost every day? I will make it my own personal vendetta to make this server crash and burn for wasting my time... This admin Spawns in items for himself and has been accused of it multiple times. He caters to his donators and believes whatever nonsense they tell him because he is getting paid by them. Thank you for wasting weeks of our time on what we thought was a fun server... We slowly started seeing the favoritism but refused to believe it until today. I hope karma bites you a good one Nukedragon, because you have a lot to learn when it comes to being a proper Ark server admin.

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Server Description
Odin's Playground

This server was created out of the love for this game. The desire is to have a fun and fair PVP experience. Currently only this map. This server is fully funded by the owner, but support is welcomed. This is NOT a pay to win server. Server is boosted to match the x50 rates, including custom loot drop contents and dinos from other DLCs are available through additional spawns and through the Reward's Vault.

The server is currently running the following mods:
- Stacks for Humans 1333158793
- Super Structures 1999447172
- Arkomatic 1231538641
- Dino Storage v2 1609138312
- Awesome Teleporters 889745138
- Lethal's Resuseables 1967741708
- No Cyropods 1896198862
- TCs Reward Vault 1260983937
- WBUI 924619115
- Naj's Speedy Flyers 1083349027
- Simple Spawners 1295978823

There are also the following plugins:
- Cross Server Chat for Chat logging to the discord and to track all admin commands.
- Make Ark Great Again for Offline Raid Protection (reduced damage to dinos and structures).
- No More Undermeshing to prevent players from mesh building and mesh raiding.
- PVPVE to provide 12 hours of New Player Protection (Base and player).
- Voter Rewards to thank you for voting for the server.
- For more details, feel free to check out our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/E6hkRuC

Thanks for checking us out. Hope to see you out there. In the meantime, have fun.
Server Owner: OdinsPlayground
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