[EU] Salty ARK Trio PvP [Extinction] 27 AUG wipe - (v337.16)


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Server ID 189281542
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Extinction
Country Netherlands
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Aug 18, 2021
Last Seen 14 hours ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description
Salty ARK Trio Tribes 3x PvP Steam Cluster

Season 7 start: 27 AUG, 16:00 UTC!

Salty ARK is among most populated 3 man tribe clusters and in average has more than 300 players at the start of the season. It features up all maps, 3x rates, rewamped loot crates, unique map and cave changes, achievements, quests and much more. It is tuned for non hasty, pleasant gameplay progression, and has a lot of quality of life improvements, including Solo Farm, New Player and Offline Raid Protections. Salty ARK is especially good to play with a couple of your best friends.

Don't hesistate, call your best friends and join your favourite, cozy ARK cluster - Salty ARK!

[Server Features]

◈ 3 Man tribe limit, No Alliances! Best for friend duos and trios!
◈ Harvest 3x, Experience 5x, Taming 5x, Breeding 10x!
◈ Solo Farm Command! New Player Protection, Offline Raid Protection x3!
◈ Point Shop with UI, Vote Rewards, Achievements, Quests!
◈ Unique cluster-specific maps changes!
◈ Expiration time of upload storage is 2 weeks to keep your most valuable stuff in case you get wiped!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/5HYMMt6KPz
Donation Store: https://store.saltyark.net
Server Owner: Carnagovich
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