Insanity Realm [6xG/15XP/20xT/PvP/Admin Events/no-lag] - (v2
IP Address:
Query Port: 27033
Owner: insanity
Players: 75
Average: 0 players
Website: Add a website
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 16575
Map: Ragnarok
Current Players: 0/75 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture insanity (VIP) 2 weeks ago
We also have an automated watch service to prevent the server from going down and having to wait for an admin to fix it! Come have some fun!
Posted by Profile Picture insanity (VIP) 2 weeks ago
Mods are up for discussion. Be on of our first players and help shape and mold the server! 24/7 Dedicated server with automated Mod and ARK updates and 8-hour restarts 2-3 mins each to prevent down-time!
Posted by Profile Picture insanity (VIP) 2 weeks ago
Discord invite of 9SCZVnt for those wishing to join the community. We are looking for community input to create an amazing ARK Server! Tons of Admin Events and we are constantly engaging in new ideas.
Posted by Profile Picture insanity (VIP) 2 weeks ago
Brand new ARK PvP Server! 6x Gathering 20x Taming 15x Experience with reworked Levels & Experience Gains Players/Dinos. We have multiple mods that can be viewed at the Insanity Realm MODS collection on steam.

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