FRESH[NOWIPE]RAG PVE Forbidden Chaos x2XP/x2H/x10T - (v326.3


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ꐕ Welcome to Forbidden Chaos PVE Cluster. We are a friendly gaming community that is all about the challenges you face to survive against the environment, A.K.A. PVE . We are a brand new community and want you to come join us on our growing cluster. Join our Discord Channel to receive all details and information you are looking for. ꐕ


ꐕ We currently have a variety of official ARK: Survival Evolved maps across the PVE cluster and as the community grows, so too will the map options. We have carefully configured and tested the servers and take suggestions to ensure there is balance across the PVE clusters. Our ARK: Survival Evolved PVE clustered Servers will offer challenging but enjoyable experience for you on the ARK PVE servers. All the amazing, wanting dinosaurs roaming freely awaiting your daring taming adventure and to join you and your tribe forever. On that note, we also offer NEVER WIPE , WIPE FREE , ( UNLESS NECESSARY AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY AROUND ) Servers. We know how it is to fall in love with a tame and never want to lose them, so we decided to offer NO WIPE PVE SERVERS. ꐕ


➺ Max Player Level: 150 (+50 Asc.)
➺ Max Wild Level: 300
➺ XP Multiplier: x2
➺ Harvest Amount Multiplier: x2
➺ Taming Speed Multiplier: x10
➺ Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier: x30
➺ Baby Mature Speed Multiplier: x20


➺ +ARK: Server API
➺ Ark Adverts 1.2
➺ ARK Cross Server Chat
➺ Kill Feed
➺ Players Online List
➺ Random Dino Colors
➺ Shop, Currency & Kits


• ARKomatic
• Awesome Teleporters!
• Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered
• Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction
• Super Structures
• RR-Gardendeko and more!
• Dino Storage v2
• Ultra Stacks
• Naj's Speedy Flyers NOW INCLUDES X-ARGY AND X-TAPE!!!
• Best Eggs!
• Editable Server UI (WBUI) Open Source
• Shiny! Dinos
• Lethals Reusables
• Immersive Taming

➺ PvE - Aberration - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Crystal Isles - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Ragnarok - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Genesis - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Extinction - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - The Island - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Tunguska - Connection Info -
➺ PvE - Valguero - Connection Info -
Server Owner: MissEatYou88
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