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Workshop Collection:
Discord Link:

PVE EC - Lost Island: steam://connect/
PVE EC - Crystal Isles: steam://connect/
PVE EC - Ragnarok: steam://connect/
PVE EC - The Island: steam://connect/

Full settings on Discord!
- 10x H/B/M/T, 5x Mating Interval
- Max Wild Dino Levels = 600 and bosses multiplied
- Max Player Levels = 300
- Shop in-game with many dinos and items
- Extinction Core, Eco's Mods, Castles Keeps and Forts, Awesome Spyglass/Teleporters, Dino Storage v2, Structures Plus, Upgrade Station, Lethals Reusables, Hairstyles, ARKomatic, Dino Pick Up
- Auto Farm, Body Recovery, Transfer Element and Tributes, Auto-Learn Engrams

This server has bilingual admins (English/Espanol). Constant updates to fix or improve the Mod with what is available. It is as stable as Extinction Core can get, so you get the best experience out there! Three maps: The Island/Ragnarok/Crystal Isles. The shop contains all vanilla dinos! More to come!

This is a no wipe PvE server cluster with Extinction Core Mod, Castles and Ecos mods! It is intended to make this Extinction Core PvE cluster harder than usual, you have to use your ark knowledge and learning to be able to play efficiently and effectively. Build your farms and eventually it will get easier. It is meant to be a CHALLENGE for those that want MORE. It is a NO WIPE server so there is no rush, PLAY AT YOUR OWN PACE :). Please join our Discord for more information!

The Extinction Core mod generates hostile human NPCs that belong to tribes, and Alpha Dinos that eat metal when aggroed. Some of these tribes are easy to kill, some are harder. It is part of the progression system. The Extinction Core mod makes a lot of changes to the base game and it generally is a lot harder to play by yourself. Click on the Extinction Core Help button in F5 for wiki and guides.

First advice: Dont build in the open, find somewhere safe!

Have Fun! :)
Server Owner: scotty0717
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