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The Asylum - (v278.44)

Game Mode: PvE
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27033
Rank: 13653
Country: DE
Status: Online
Map: TheIsland
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Avg. Players(24hrs): 0
First Seen: December 2, 2017
Last Tracked: 2 minutes ago
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Server Description

Hello Ark Players,

We are Ark Trinity!
We are hosting 2 servers:
1. Ragnarok (PVP)
2. The Island (PVE)

Why did we make 1 PvP and 1 PvE server:
We did this to give all the players the best opportunity to learn the game on a peaceful way,
but we also want experienced players to be able to have big raids and PvP battles.
Keep in mind:
- Max dinosaur level on The island is 120, And on Ragnarok is 150, so only going to the more dangerous Ragnarok you are able to get the best dino’s.
- You CAN T transfer items between the servers, so that means you can t build C4s on The Island to raid on Ragnarok.
- You are able to tame and breed dinos on Ragnarok and transport them to The Island.
- PVP is only on Ragnarok! All TURRETS got increased dmg so its harder to drain turrets now.
- You can t destroy structures that don t belong to you on The Island.
- Max player level is 100 on BOTH servers.
- You are able to defeat the bosses on The Island and Ragnarok, This allows Tek to be used on BOTH servers.

- Offline raid protection(ORP2)
- S+ Nanny imprinting turned off!
- Oldflyermod
- Superspyglass
- Ark Automated
- Classic Flyers
- HG Stack 1000
- Ammo Pool
- Reusable Plus

- Max level 100 player
- Max level 150 dino (Ragnarok)
- Max level 120 dino (The Island)
- Taming 20
- Harvest 5
- Egg Hatch Speed 20
- Baby Mature speed 30
- Imprinting Stat Scale 2
- Cuddle Interval 0.15


We hope you have a good time here and in our servers!