nARKotic PVP x10 T x5 H x3.5 M Ragnarok - (v333.4)


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Server ID 178361250
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Nov 2, 2020
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
Mods Ultra Stacks
Structures Plus (S+)
TCs Auto Rewards v1.12.16
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Posted by MonkeyWhisperTV

Awesome server filled with great PVP. There are no admins in game with permissions so you can forget about potential admin abuse.

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Server Description
nARKotiC PVP -

An approachable and enjoyable community admins!

List of mods:

Ragnarok Map
5x Harvest
10x Taming
5x XP Rate
3.5x Baby Egg Hatching

Max Dino Level 150
Max Tek Level 312
Bushberry Seeds!
Auto unlock DLC engrams
Custom Drops/Boss Drops
Custom Spawns
Custom Stacking
Discord Giveaways (and Invite Rewards)
Community Events Planned!
Discord Polls
Community Banking System
Community Centers!
Dino Paint Shop
Alliances Allowed
Voting System
Server Owner: MonkeyWhisperTV
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    Last vote Jul 20, 2021

    3 Votes