[BlueStar]PvPvE Center 5x [ORP][Mods][Drops] - (v255.7)
IP Address:
Query Port: 27015
Country: CA Canada
Owner: indigoblaze
Players: 100
Average: 10 players
Website: Add a website
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 75
Map: thecenter
Current Players: 10/100 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture Melborne 6 days ago
Awesome awesome admins that are active and great community. Glad I found this server.
Posted by Profile Picture NaughtyOtter 1 week ago
Weve been playing since the new wipe and greatly enjoy the settings on the server. The admins are active 24/7 and the community is growing! Looking forward to seeing how great this cluster becomes.
Posted by Profile Picture Nefasto 2 months, 1 week ago
Best server so far every potential bad episode was quickly dealed by Blaze. Active AND experienced admins votations on everything fine tune balancements on every aspect of the game massive performance 80+ players and still no lag.
Posted by Profile Picture Krucifix 2 months, 1 week ago
Great Admins and community. With over 20+ active Tribes/Alliances at any given time and an average of over 40 players online makes for a great server. What is awesome more are the players a diverse group that for the most part are enjoyable to play along side.

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