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CrazyArk Aberration 5X:xp 5X:H 15X:T - (v276.42)

IP Address:
Claim Port: 27024
Rank: 11417
Country: FR
Status: Online
Map: Aberration
Server Owner: Henkie321
Avg. Players(24hrs): 0
First Seen: May 6, 2017
Last Tracked: 40 seconds ago
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Server Description

Greetings, fellow survivors!

If u are here looking for a good PVE server, than please stick around a little more and continu reading. CrazyHenky Gaming is offering u a realy good deal on this

My name is CrazyHenky and i have bin hosting several Ark servers for a little over 1 year now. This PVE server is last wiped when Ragnarok came out as DLC (about 2 mounths), playing whit a few friends and other players.

Below this line u will find some basic stats and information about the server.

Server Name : ![EU] CrazyArk PVE Modded No Wipe No Lag
Server IP :

- PVE server hosted in EU - Has been live for about 2 mounths
- No plans for future wipes unless the server 100% needs it
- Ragnarok Map
- Rates are costum - More info about this below
- Admin Logging Enabled
- Max player level 135
- Max wild dino level 150
- No Lagg or Crashes what so ever
- Backups are made every 10 minutes

-Server Rates

- Experience X5
- Harvesting X6
- Taming X25
- Egg Hatch speed X35
- Maturing X40
- Imprinting adjusted to the settings

- MODS Running on this server-

- Structures Plus (S+)
- Classic Flyers
- Stack mod (2500 size)
- Castle and Keeps
- eco's Stable Structures and Decor
- eco's Garden Decor
- ecoTrees
- Joan's Egg N Poop Collector
- Homing Pigeon
- Platforms Plus
- eco's Camping Decor

- Other Information -

- Community Centre has been built with work benches and starter gear
- No collision has been enabled for all structures (Including modded)
- Engram points have been modified to ensure all players can learn everything
- Crop growth times, spoiling times, and imprint stat buffs have all been increased slightly
- ORP settings have been modified to negate any offline raiding / offline passive killing
- A few stats for both Player and Dino are customized for better life quality. (In Game)
- Experienced and frieldly Admins, NO Cheating, NO Abuse
- Titans are wiped from the server, for Bronto's we use a no saddle option. This to prevent any lagg from farming whit bigger dino's
- Can currently hold up to 35 players, but will be increased if seems necessary

We specifically chose the Ragnarok map for both the new experience and alot of beautiful places to build. A few players alraidy build some amazing looking bases, whitch i personaly LOVE to see.

Are u the next one to amaze me whit ur building skillz? Or ur just looking for a good, stable and friendly server to continu ur Ark Adventures. In any way u are more than welcom to tryout our server and see for ur self if u like it or not. (Iam pretty sure u will )

Happy days!

Greetings from CrazyHenky