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[Jan 19]Hellhounds TheIsland PvP Cross x5 All - (v278.4)

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27015
Rank: 261
Country: DE
Status: Online
Map: TheIsland
Server Owner: Paszu
Avg. Players(24hrs): 5
First Seen: May 28, 2017
Last Tracked: 4 minutes ago
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Current Players: 6/75 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Description

Root Server
Location: Bavaria, Germany

Server IP The Island:
Server IP Scorched Earth:
Server IP The Center:

- The Island - Scorched Earth - The Center Cluster (Cross Travel between the 3 maps)
- Active & fair Admins
- Discord Server & Website
- Eventserver
- No wipes planned

Our ruleset can be found at our forums here. Please inform yourself before joining our servers!

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord :)


- x3 Xp
- x3 Harvest
- x3 Tame
- x6 Hatching, Maturing and Cuddle Interval
- x0.5 Mating Interval
- anyone can imprint
- difficulty 5 (max dinolevel wild 150, max charlevel 105)
- 15 members per tribe
- crosshair enabled
- third person enabled
- floating dmg text enabled
- map location enabled
- structure decay enabled (thatch & storage boxes ~8 days, wood & adobe ~16 days, stone ~24 days, metal ~32 days)
- day 50mins, night 35mins
- gamma enabled
- flyer carry pve/pvp enabled
- x1.5 structures per platform saddle
- automated modupdates
- daily restart at 6 am
- wild dino wipe every sunday
- dino/item/character transfer enabled (cluster only!)


ORP 2.0 (sets at 15mins offline)
Structures Plus (higher pullrange ~20 foundations) Disabled : Large & Xl Walls, S+ Auto Turrets, Large Pillars & many Tek engrams)
Egg N Poop Collector N Incubator
Death Helper
Pet Finder
Meat Spoiler