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EliteAutomated S+/10xT/H&XP/BoostedStats - (v272.3)
Query Port: 27115
Country: FR France
Owner: elite2020
Players: 50
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 2905
Map: Ragnarok

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Posted by Profile Picture Reign 2 weeks ago
Garbage server no PvP allowed and the admin helps his buddies by spawning shit in to help them restart after theyve been wiped. Than said tribe talks shit so they get wiped again like 5 whole days later most raid c/d is 48 hours... but got banned for griefing cause we dicked his friend again.
Posted by Profile Picture Tiahna 2 weeks ago
The admin elite2020 banned a tribe for raiding his friend XStream. A few days later Xstream streamed and showed his tribe log. His tribe log shows that the admin assisted him with force-joining the banned tribe and taking everything they had. Thats a major UNEARNED advantage for XStream. This admin is so toxic. If you want to play on a fair and unbiased server this isnt it.
Posted by Profile Picture Yeeehawww 3 weeks ago
Onto the fun stuff but Ill keep it short my tribe raided another tribe ~4-5 days after the last time we raided them they were fully rebuilt in fact built up a bit more than previously and we got called griefers and banned for it. Hell we got called griefers for flying into their area to check on their rebuilding progress/keep an eye on them in-between. Sounds fun huh?
Posted by Profile Picture Yeeehawww 3 weeks ago
How about the no blocking of artifacts rule? A 1v1 metal base with 2 turrets right on top of an artifact and what does the admin do? accepts the persons bullshit excuse that it was an accident and asks him to take it down. Meanwhile my tribe mate had to go soak all the bullets because the admin didnt respond to the issue at all for over an hour.
Posted by Profile Picture Yeeehawww 3 weeks ago
Lets talk about the admin some more shall we? He had no clue what hes doing. My first week my tribe mate and myself were already policing the server because the admin couldnt/wouldnt. PVP raiding PVE when its against the rules? somehow the people who joined this week have to go wipe the griefers because the admin wont just ban them.
Posted by Profile Picture Yeeehawww 3 weeks ago
I suspect now the admin was spawning in things for his friend. Now what caused it is arguable especially my accusation there but for now it doesnt matter what caused the lag just know with less than 10 hell less than 4 some times there were times you would literally just rubberband in place for several minutes get a couple minutes of clarity then start lagging hard again.

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