2/20 Aftertouch Ragnarok PVP 10x SS/SHOP/TP/Reuse/CrossDLC -


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Server ID 182771757
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map Ragnarok
Country Canada
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Feb 20, 2021
Last Seen 5 minutes ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description

    PVP Server (No Clustered Servers At the Moment)

Mod Collection
2/20 Aftertouch Ragnarok PVP 10x SS/SHOP/TP/Reuse/CrossDLC
Steam Group

    Server Rules

Have respect for eachother, we don't like seeing a bunch of trash talk in global chat!
No cheating/hacking/glitching, if you are found to be hacking/cheating in any way you will be banned.
No greifing! If you're going to go raid someone, do it. Don't constantly destroy whatever they put up until they leave the server though. That would give our server a bad reputation. Also if you see someones hut on the beach and they are a new player, don't terrorize them. Let them have a chance.
No artifact blocking! Go ahead and build inside caves. You may not block access to the artifacts though.
No dosseir blocking!! The dosseirs and explorer notes give everyone an experience boost and if someone collects them all they get an achievement, let people enjoy that.
No building just to prevent resource spawns, those random bits of foundations/pillars will be deleted.

    Server Rates/Settings

Approximately 10x Everything(some settings tweaked up and down from there)
Double night speed
Halved day speed
Admin logging
Hit markers
3rd person enabled
Floating combat text
Map location

    Player Stats

20 Health per point
40 Oxygen per point
20 Food per point
20 Water per point
20 Stamina per point
50 Weight per point
25% Melee damage per point
1.5% Movement speed per point
100% Crafting speed per point
10 Fortitude per point


It is suggested that you add these mods to your collection before trying to connect to the server. That way you don't time out while trying to connect.
Cross-Genesis 1
Cross Abberation
Ark Additions: The Collection
Super Structures
Craftable Resources
Naj's Speed Flyers
Simple Spawners
TC's Auto-Rewards
Awesome Teleporters
Awesome Spyglass
Additional Emotes
CT Reusable Items
Editable Server UI
Ultra Stacks
Additional Emotes

    Things to note

The admin will not be holding your hand. This is why we left the servers we came from. Admins would spawn stuff and/or favor other players and ruin it for the rest. If you die and your stuff ends up somewhere unreachable, tough luck. If people want to pvp don't cry to the admin about it. Ask if someone will help you then fight back, the point of this server is to pvp!!! If you have suggestions for mods we may take these into consideration.
Server Owner: AdmiralGeno
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