Wild Isles (Lost Island) - (v342.13)


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Server ID 194281955
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map LostIsland
Country Canada
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Dec 21, 2021
Last Seen 1 minute ago
Mods Auction House v4.0.2
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Server Description
Wild Isles

This cluster is a revamped new version of the old Wild Isles cluster and we will add more maps based on player count and activity. Keeping a lot of the great elements we had previously and adding some new things gives this server a remarkable new experience providing the quality of life tweaks that you love and enjoy; while bringing back some of the core aspects of Ark back to the game.

Keeping a little bit of everything for everyone's game style; we have selected a set of mods to provide for building, decor, taming, crafting, and more! Even though it looks like a lot of mods, most of them are super small and load times should be good. With completely custom loot, DLC dino spawns on maps, Shiny! Dinos to tame, and bringing back the joys of fishing with custom fishing loot! Come across baby dinos that are passive tameable; be careful though, the parents may not be too happy about it. Plus wild dinos have a chance to lay fertilized eggs you may stumble across too! Speed up that taming with appetizer to drop the food of dinos your taming, or use a crafting mindwipe to add all your points to crafting skill for a short duration without having to respec everything! A careful selection settings tailored to bring everything into balance. Go ahead and try it out and bring the love back for Ark: Survival Evolved!

XP - 1.5x
Harvest - 2.5x
Harvest Health - 1.5x
Tame - 8x
Breed - 10x
Baby Cuddle Grace - 5x
Baby Cuddle Multiplier - .18x
Imprint Multiplier - 15x
Mature Speed - 15x
Egg Hatch - 15x
Lay Egg Interval Multiplier - .3x
Mating Speed Multiplier - 15x
Mating Interval Multiplier .15x
Crop Decay - .75x
Fuel Consumption - .8x

Player Stat Multipliers
Health - 1.5x
Stamina - 1.25x
Weight - 1.5x
Melee - 1.25x
Speed - 1.5x
Fortitude - 2.5x

ColStax V2
Structures Plus (S+)
Dino Storage V2
Simple Spawners
Awesome Spyglass
Premade Structures
Kraken's Better Dinos
Death Inventory Keeper
Shiny Dinos!
Eco's Arrrrrp Decor
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered
Eddy's Lighting
Crafting Skill Potion
Vegetation Planters
Vegetation Planters: Genesis
Vegetation Planters: Scorched Earth
Auction House
Server Owner: WildIslesArk
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