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Welcome to Nocturnal Ark! Rules are simple, (20X Gather Tame XP) No Racist Shit!!! No auto-breed farms, No structure spamming and clean up your tame pens, No turrets on flyers or blocking riders in on flyers, Cave building is allowed with a 2x penalty but no blocking quest items, After a tribe is raided they have 48h protection from being re-raided by the same tribe or their allies unless defending tribe initiates aggression, Open world PVP is always allowed, Caging limit 2 hours for an online survivor. Any questions, ask in chat. Good luck, don't be a dick, and have fun! Don't forget to vote for us at and to help our community grow!
-Map Cluster-
Crystal Isles, Genesis, Extinction, Aberration, The Center, Ragnarok, The Island
-Discord- (Join for server status/info/updates)
Server Owner: NotoriousxDx
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