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Server ID 76487898
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map CrystalIsles
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Feb 1, 2020
Last Seen 7 minutes ago
Mods StackMeMore (v1.55)
MarniiMods: Wildlife
Crystal Isles Dino Addition
Premade Structures
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GigaMythic-Crystal Isles

Map: CrystalIsles

Current Map freshly started: July 1st, 2020

Server Owner & Admin: Senaru
Admins: Thalron & Lost
Moderators: Techno (Katana-Man) & Sanzaru

Server Settings
- Harvesting: 5x
- Taming: 25x
- XP: 5x
- Lay Egg Interval: .5x
- Egg Hatch Speed: 15x
- Maturation Speed: 50x
- Server Type:PvE (We run an event map for any pvp/contests etc)

- We also have Premium infant care kibble and faster incubators for folks who want to use them!

- Wild Dino Max Level: 750 (900-950+ for special encounters)

- Player Max Level: 625+ (We have Ascension on Crystal Isles all the way up to Aberration!)

- All engrams Unlockable

- No Structure Decay | No dinos can hurt your builds!

On Crystal Isles you will find strange and unique creatures of legend scattered across the land, from the legendary beasts of the hidden forests to great serpents lurking in the depths. Even the deepest reaches of the void hold secrets and monsters. Build a radio and set it on 8 or 9, and you can even hunt down creatures of extraordinary level and often colors too. You may even discover this island isnt uninhabited!

Click Here!

* * *

Click Here for modlist! Be sure to add this collection to favorites, and subscribe to all of them so that you can download any new updates before launching the game. (See below for instructions on joining our server)


How To Join The Server

1. Install Crystal Isles via The Official DLC Download, not the workshop mod version!

2. Go to our modlist! (Linked above) This is kept up to date as much as possible and has all the mods we run right now. There are a lot but dont panic! Just subscribe to about 10-20 at a time, open ark, let them install, then close ark and select some more til theyre all done. You may crash your game if you try to download all 89 at once.

3. When that is all done, copy the server IP, (Currently ). Do NOT try to join straight from this site, it wont work! (Trust us, we know)

4. Open Steam app and click on the view tab at the top.

5. Click Add A Server, then in the next pop-up, paste the IP as it is written above. Click Add This Server To Favorites. Do not try to Join Game from this window either. It wont work.

6. Go back to your library, double check that you have the correct map dlc if you need to, otherwise click Play. When the option menu pops up for launching, select either the first or second one if you dont need to lower your settings, otherwise select one of the lower settings if you need to, as shown here. (Additionally, do NOT right click steam app and select ark from there, that can bork this too, for some reason.

7. Click on JOIN ARK. on the server menu, make sure youve selected your favorites.

8.Click join. This can take 10-15 minutes for a good computer, but times of 30 minutes can be expected for older computers. I havent heard of anyone taking longer than 30 minutes, though!

Additional Tips

1. Once you have successfully logged in, your main goal will be to learn the Engram Unlocker engram. Once you do this, pick up a stone, then go to crafting and make the engram unlocker. Then eat it and idle for about 3 minutes. Do not look at your engram list during this time, as the game is unlocking and learning every possible engram that exists, including all the official DLC ones, whether you have those DLCs or not.

2. When that is done, be sure to craft the No Durability versions of tools and clothes, they wont break! Make an LC Tent & LC Tent door (optional: The starter or basic houses), its portable shelter! (And a demo gun too, target the door first when you move otherwise you will break it!). Make A Personal Grave and a Metal Bed. One will get your items back when you die (up to 15 minutes later, so long as your bag is still on the map somewhere) and the bed makes it so you can respawn without a cooldown.

3. Make a Dino Tracker (The mobile item, not the glove skin, its broken) and a Tek Device (its a GPS). Once youre more set up, and youve made a smithy (Make the S+ crafting station and S+ Smithy!), make a radio, and put it on slot 9 of your hotbar. This will allow you to be notified (By the game, automatically, not by a person talking to you) when a rare creature has appeared on the ARK.

4. Make the Multi Axe. Its a pick and an axe at the same time. toggle the two by hitting O (the letter not the number!)

5. Make an Infinite Flare Gun, you can dye these to bright colors so we know where you are! if you are mounted on a creature, you can even shoot it up directly from your location rapidly without having to aim.

6. On Crystal Isles, when first spawning in, select West (Spawn points on this map are a little weird, and many overlap. If youre lucky youll be on safer shores)

7. Hit F1 to open your Personal Waypoints. You can delete any death points by hitting the X. You can add points and even share with your tribe!

8. Hit the DELETE key to open and close the server info tabs! We have a safe-house for new players where a starter box of tools can be picked up. Current map coods will be on this menu.
Server Owner: Senaru
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