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DE:: Extinction | PvPvE | 2t 2b 1.5xp/h| S+, auto ark, ckf -

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27039
Rank: 4103   
Status: Online
Map: Extinction
Server Owner: hcoded1970
Player AVG(24hrs): 0
First Seen: September 25, 2018
Last Tracked: 2 minutes ago
Server Mods: Kaetokid's Stack Mod
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
Automated Ark 2.151



Current Players: 0/30 (Auto-Updates)
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Server Comments

Posted by hcoded1970 ( Supporter )

Going to Extinction as soon as possible on release day, November 6th

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Server Description

x2 tame, breed, hatch, maturation .... 1.5x harvest and XP

Events like server spawned hourly arenas (Arena mod) and Outpost control PvP (outpost) upcoming. (Have to test on our test server thoroughly first)

Friendly, helpful players and admins.

While stand-alone extinction server, we plan on adding aberration and Ragnarok to the cluster in a few months if there is demand.

Free level 50 utility dino of your choice off the following list with a saddle (One per tribe):

* Doedicus
* Ankylosaurus
* Mammoth
* Stegosaurus
* Pteradon
* Tek Parasaur

If Extinction does not have one of those available, we will give an equivalent. If you join the server with multiple people/friends I will consider other utility dinos that do not destroy the power curve out the gate (example: No Therizinos, but maybe a beaver instead of a mammoth)

Server:** (Running Rag until Extinction goes live)

General Rules:
* Respect your fellow gamers, have fun and dont be an ass.
* No inflammatory topics in general chat.

RP/PvP Rules:
This server is what I call PvP lite.
* If someone is roleplaying, don't disparage them.
* No KOS for anyone that is not within 10 levels of you.
* No corpse camping.
* No griefing, to include (but not limited to):
- killing other tribe dinos unnecessarily
- preventing other players from moving forward in the game.
- outnumbering a player in PvP and rolling him over and over

* You can PvP and not be an ass - so please dont be an ass.

Raid Rules:
* Offline raid protection enabled.
* There is a raid cooldown of at least a week before anyone can attack a defeated tribe, to allow for them to rebuild.
* No killing passive dinos
* Tribe size limited to 10 so there are no uber tribes.
* Only damage structures necessary to win a raid. No reason to destroy hundreds of hours of work.


* Tek Replicator unlocked automatically at level 90 to account for no way to currently unlock it on extinction
* PvP Lite. No KOS if 10 levels under you, no corpse camping, no griefing.
* Taming 2x, Harvesting 1.5x, XP 1.5x (will follow official event weekends, as well as have our own)
* Unlimited mind wipes, no building collision, gamma on
* Non-clustered (stand alone) Extinction server.
* Starting with 30 slots, will upgrade slots and memory as needed
* We will never solicit donations.
* Wipes will only happen if a patch destroys the server and we can’t recover through backups
* No admin tribe. While we will do admin work, we are playing on non-admin toons. We want to enjoy the difficulty and don't cheat.
* Planning on having tribe and solo player gladiator events for prizes on a recurring basis.
* Increased supply drop loot quality

**Mod List:**

* S+
* Brad's bonfire
* Medieval Props
* ECO Trees
* Additional Lights
* Accessories Lite
* Just another spyglass