Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions we get.

Server Questions

No. We do not manage or control any servers listed on our site.

No. We do not manage or control and servers listed on our site nor do we get involved in server related drama.

No. At this time we do not support console versions of the game.

No. EPIC does not provide a valid option for querying game servers to gather live player data. We only track data that is provided in real-time.

Lifetime servers are boosted for life and can only be purchased during a Lifetime server event. They are limited to 10 servers and can only be purchased during a special event.

If a Lifetime server is offline longer than 6 months, the status will be removed and added to the available Lifetime pool which can be purchased.

Boosting a server will automatically display it on the front page. This will ignore the server's actual rank and display it above all non-boosted servers and the current boosted servers. However, this does not change the server's actual rank. Once the boosted time expires, the server will assume it's position based on it's rank.

Boosted servers are bumped down one position each time another server is boosted.

A server bump can be used on boosted servers to bump them back to the top of the list at a discounted price.

Boosting a server does not guarantee it will get more players because the human factor comes into play. It's impossible to predict or measure what makes a player join a server over others.

Boosting a server does guarantee it will be on the front page of the server list associated with your server until the Boosted time expires or it's Bumped to the next page by other Boosted servers.

2020 tracking results show that servers on the front page have a 93.47% chance of getting more hits/joins than other servers. does not rent game servers. However, if you're looking for an affordable and reliable hosting provider, you can find more information on our hosting partner by Clicking Here.

Server Tracking Questions

We track servers every 10 minutes. Users can view real-time server information by viewing the server's page.

Our system will only gather servers that are listed as public information. If the server is visible in-game then it's public information and we may track it.

Some servers listed on our site are part of a cluster or a group of servers that are linked together. Cluster tracking allows server owners to combine 3 servers into one which is represented by a Display server. The Display server will combine all the tracking data of the clustered servers and display it via the Display server.

A Display server is the primary server for a cluster within our tracking network. The Display server allows server owners to focus on promoting one server rather than an entire cluster. Each Display server will show stats for the entire cluster if cluster tracking is enabled.

A Clustered server is a server that is assigned to a Display server. Clustered servers are not ranked nor can you vote, boost or review them. Each Clustered server will have a primary Display server which will represent it.

Yes. Servers that are offline longer than 10 days will be removed automatically.

Yes. Player tracking is no longer a visible feature on a server's page but we still track them internally.

The Game port is used as a connection port for most games. This port should be whitelisted and open in your firewall so players can join your server without being blocked.

The Query port is used as a data port. This port should be whitelisted and open in your firewall. This port is used to display your server in most in-game server list.

Server Voting Questions

Users are able to cast a vote for a specific server once every 12 hours. This time can be decreased if the server has the Advanced Server Voting addon active.

There are two ways you can cast your vote:

1: By clicking the cast a vote button located on server's page.
2: In the voting channel located in our Official Discord server.

This prevents trolls and or players who were banned from a server for breaking their rules etc from having the power to harass the server and or it's staff. It also prevents our staff from having to act as a middle man in server related drama that we do not take part in.

Simply put, if you don't like a server, don't vote for it.

If a server has the Discord Voting Multiplier addon active. Votes cast for that server in our Official Discord server will be doubled.

We do not control how server's are managed or their rules. If a server owner wants to reward users who vote for their server, then it's their choice. We will not punish a server or it's community for rewarding players who vote.

Not all servers reward players for voting. If you are playing on a server that does, we do not control in-game rewards. If you cast a vote, our system will inform the server that your vote was cast. From there, it's up to the server and it's settings to reward you.

Please contact your server owner, we do not provide support for server related issues.

Some server owners require that users who cast a vote for their server have a Steam ID associated with their account. This helps with rewarding players and also server related events that may require a Steam ID. It also adds a layer of security to server voting.

We can't tell you why you should vote but we can tell you that voting for a server helps increase it's global rank. It may also benefit via in-game if the server has a voting rewards program.

Yes. Votes reset every 60 days.

This occurs when our system detects an anomaly in your voting pattern or our system detected a voting script.

Creating multiple accounts will result in a perm ban on the next ban wave.

Server Owner Questions

Yes. You can retain your votes and ranking data as long as you meet the following criteria:

1: You are still the claimed server owner of the old server.
2: You have already claimed the new server.
3: The server has not been blacklisted within the last 30 days.
4: You are ranked supporter or higher.

If you meet the criteria, you can use the migrate server tool by Clicking Here.

To add a server to our tracking network, your server must meet the following criteria:

1: The server must be using a PC version of the game. Console support is not provided.
2: The server's firewall must allow access to the query port.
3: The server needs to be online when attempting to add the server. We can't add servers that are offline.
4: The server has not been blacklisted within the last 30 days.

If your server meets the criteria, you can add it by Clicking Here.

There are a few reasons this might occur:

1. Your server's firewall has blocked our tracking servers.
2. A mod you have installed is out of date or not working correctly.
3. Your config / ini has an error. ( This is the case 95% of the time )

Please note that support is unable to assist you regarding these type of issues. Please do not open a ticket requesting support as we do not troubleshoot server related issues.

There are a few reasons this might occur:

1. Your server's firewall has blocked our tracking servers.
2. You are not using the correct port. ( Query Port )
3. The server is offline.
4. You have an error in your config / ini file.

By default we only track the mods that your server displays. Some games limit the amount of mods that are visible when tracking the server. If your server's page does not list all your mods, you can add more using the manage server page.

You can add or update your server banner on the manage server page.

If you come across another server listed on our site and it's using your EXACT server name:

Contact Discord Support or Customer Support

Provide the Server ID of the server that is using your EXACT server name. We will not take any action unless the server is using your EXACT server name.

If you restart your server or our tracking server was not able to ping your server during a tracking phase, your server will be moved to offline status until the next tracking phase.

Once our tracking server makes a connection, the status will be updated to reflect the results.

* In rare events, a server's firewall may block our query servers.

This happens when the old server owner failed to unclaim the server prior to your hosting provider assigning you the IP address that was once assigned to the old server owner.

Simply follow the claim server steps by Clicking Here to assign yourself as the new owner.

We will kindly honor a stop tracking request if your server meets the following criteria:

1: The server is claimed by you before you open a stop tracking request.
2: The server is not owned by a game hosting provider.
3: The server has no open disputes against it.

If your server meets the stop tracking criteria you can
Contact Discord Support or Customer Support

Provide the Server ID of the server you want us to stop tracking. We will not process a stop tracking request unless you are the claimed server owner.

Before you can setup Cluster tracking, you must meet the following criteria:

1: You must have at least 2 servers claimed.
2: You must be ranked supporter or higher.
3: The servers have not been blacklisted within the last 30 days.

If you and your servers meet the criteria, you can setup cluster tracking by Clicking Here.

Geo-ip location services are provided by, a leader in Geo-ip services. In most cases, your server will display the wrong flag if your hosting provider has not updated their settings to reflect the correct location or the machine is no longer located in the country.

You can request an update to the geo-ip location provider by Clicking Here

Server Cash™ Questions

Server Cash™ is a non-refundable digital currency used on our site to purchase various site features and server addons.

When you purchase Server Cash™, it's instantly applied to your account unless PayPal puts a hold / flag on your payment. We use PayPal's API which ensures that all Server Cash™ transactions are instant.

If you pay using an e-check or PayPal put a hold / flagged your payment, the Server Cash™ will be applied once the payment has cleared. We do not control how or when PayPal flags or puts a hold on payments.

No. All transactions are final.

To earn the supporter rank, you need to purchase any amount of Server Cash™.

The VIP rank is given to those who have a lifetime server.

No. We no longer allow users to transfer Server Cash™ to other users.

When you purchase a specific amount of Server Cash™ during a single transaction we may apply a Server Cash™ bonus depending on what sort of events we have at the time. All Server Cash™ bonuses are applied to your balance instantly once your PayPal payment has cleared.

You don't need a PayPal account to purchase Server Cash™. PayPal will still process a credit / debit card on our behalf.

This occurs when PayPal has reversed a cleared payment and marked it as fraud. If this occurs we provide requested information to PayPal for review and they determine the next step.

Yes. There are several ways to earn Server Cash™:

1: Finding typos / bugs / grammar issues on our site and reporting it.
2: Reporting voting scripts / exploits.
3: Providing site ideas that we use or apply.
4: Helping others in Discord if they have questions.

Discord Questions

Anyone can join our Official Discord server, however you will need to sync your with your Discord account to gain full access to our Discord server.

You can join our Official Discord here Discord

No. At this time we are not releasing our Discord bot to the public. We are in the process of making a public bot but due to recent changes in Discord policies we have slowed development of that version.

There are a few reasons this might occur:

1. You failed to sync your account within a given time.
2. You broke the Discord rules.

To vote for a server you first need the Server ID. This can be found by searching the server's name, then viewing its page. Once you have acquired the Server ID, you can then use the .vote command.

If our bot detects an anomaly when you cast a vote, a unique captcha will be sent to you via @mention. Failure to answer the captcha will result in you being locked out from the voting channel.

No. Once you have cast a vote via the website or from Discord, it will be processed as your daily vote towards that server.

You can open a Discord ticket by visiting the #support-ticket channel and following the instructions.

Most likely you will need to re-sync your account. Follow the steps in #getting-started.

Yes. You are free to invite users to our channel.

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