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N² - A better approach to gaming!

Our server is a "relaxed" PvP type with a focus on community! Visit our website for all details including server and discord info. An example of some of our mods: S+, Classic Flyers, ORP2 etc. Increased weight stats and much more!

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Current Players: 1/40 (Auto-Updates)
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Latest Comments

Posted by Profile Picture Beave 1 week ago
server may not be as active but still do weekend events and community is still active on other games together while waiting for aberration. Drunken Nomads still holding down tournament champion
Posted by Profile Picture bottlerocket 1 week ago
Hey Im still playing :
Posted by Profile Picture wolfxxx4 3 weeks ago
Looks like this server died out.
Posted by Profile Picture Antheia 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Maze by MadMan was lit tonight looking forward to taking part in the gladiator tournament next week! Fun server active admins Shadzie is my boo
Posted by Profile Picture dtxevo 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Good group of admins and players so far. Im day 4 and havent been wiped yet...I was able to find a decent spot and start a base with my basic tames. Great areas still left open. And a fair respectful population so far. Get in now!
Posted by Profile Picture Beave 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Maze of Madman event tonight was great. Large participation from players nice build by admin and never knew what was around the corner.

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