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    [*]Have you ever wanted to play on a private server but didn't dare if it would just one day not be there anymore?
    [*]Are you fed up with unmoderated Offical servers?
    [*]Play on a PVE server where "the less gifted" grief you and you cannot do anything about it?
    [*]Play on a PVP server where people are just scumbags and kill you for no reason?
    [*]Ever thought "What are they saying in chat?!? I Don't speak that damn language?!?"?
    [*]Ever sat taming a high lvl dino just to have it get killed when you let your guard down for 1 minute after like 4 hours?
    [*]Have you ever been grinding Prime meat in a hurry only to have your bronto float away back to his home planet after you kill it?
    [*]Been out relentlessly grinding resources for hours and hours?
    [*]Wanted to try out PVP but heard it's hell?
    [*]Ever wondered how long "15 minutes" really is in DEVS-Land?

Have no fear! We may just have the solution you are looking for!

Introducing Private Server Supreme:

- Moderated almost 25/8
- 50 slots atm, running out though so hurry!
- Core of players with a big chunk of common sense and humor!
- PVEPVP setting where PVP is allowed but with restrictions
- Increased taming speed!
- Increased resources!
- Shorter nights and longer days! (No gamma changing allowed)
- All our wildlife have lead-boots to prevent them drifting into outer space!
- Dino fighting Arena for weekend games against other tribes/players! (Under Construction)
- 1.0 Difficulty
- Player shown on map!
- English in main chat! Swahili on the forums.. J/K :P
- Reasonable warnings before updates! If you are taming a dino, we will consider waiting for you!
- Most noob freindly server you will ever find!
- No more password!

Out Community forum/Links to our TS etc etc etc!

Metal with Glass Set (510590313)
Tranquilizer Rifle & Pistol Mod (509791002)
Better Lights Mod
Stairs Mod
Better Beacons Light

We believe in making a great place together, hence we will have a lot of discussions going on our forum about ideas and thoughts together with our server survivors. There are no stupid questions or ideas, we are all friendly so come in and say hi! What have you got to loose? Who knows, you may even enjoy it! (We are pretty sure you will cause we have cookies!)

Click the banner for even more information
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