Our goal is to help players servers and communities come together.

Today TopArkServers.com is the largest server ranking site for ARK: Survival Evolved. We currently have 126,370 registered members. Our mission is to provide a way for players and servers to come together with just one click. We track and gather data for just about every ARK server that exist and we do this completely FREE.

Tracking & Ranking System

Real time server ranking and tracking system that provides real time stats for each server listed on our site every 5 minutes. Our real time results include: Online players, Average players, Map, Country and Online Status. Servers receive a rank after 24 hours after they've been added.

Server Comment System

Our comment system allows players to share their experience's they've had while playing on ARK servers. The comment system is designed to help players find a server that suits their game style.

4 ARK Server List

We provide four types of server list. Public, PvE, PvP and Official. Our public, pve and pvp list are ranked together while the official server list is ranked separate. Our community list allows server owners to add their own custom server banners and rank is based on total votes.

Sponsored Status

Sponsored Status is a paid feature that helps server owners promote their server by boosting it to the front above all other servers. Anyone can sponsor a server! All sponsored servers are identified with a star icon next to their name. 87% of all sponsored servers gain new members using this feature.

Wallet Cash

Wallet cash is a digital currency used to purchase TopArkServers.com services such as "Featured Status, Sponsored Web Links and other products we offer" It is not a form of real currency and is not refundable. All proceeds are used to help fund the cost of maintaining the servers and website upkeep.

Weekly Giveaways

We know how important it is to give back to those who help support us! We have weekly events which range from free sponsorships, server giveaways, computer hardware and ARK cd keys. Follow us on our social network profiles.

Dynamic Server Banners

Every server that's listed on our site has a status banner. Status banners show the current stats, player count, player graphs, IP and the server's name. Dynamic banners can be used on forums or websites to help promote your server.

Mobile Friendly

We've designed our site to be mobile friendly which means you can check the status of your server while you are at work, on a road trip or even in the bathroom - We got you covered.

Server Voting System

Our voting system allows players to vote or dislike a server once every 12 hours. Votes have no impact on a servers rank on the public or primitive server list.